As a Louisiana-born cinematographer, Randy DeLeo has always had a passion for telling the stories of his native New Orleans and its people. Now an award-winning Director of Photography with more than 20 years of experience in film and video production, Randy works with clients across the country, crafting distinct and dynamic commercials, music videos, brand films, and more.


Trusted by Directors, Producers and Agencies, Randy’s skill set goes far beyond technical expertise with a lens. He considers every detail necessary to create a powerful and compelling finished product tailored for each client’s purpose. By contributing extensively during pre-production, Randy offers thoughtful insight to formulate strategies and creative goals for the project, ensuring he is well-prepared and professional for a smooth and successful shoot that becomes the very best it can be.


Having lensed projects of all scopes and budget levels—from local commercials, to documentaries, to star-studded VFX-heavy productions for film and television—Randy’s clients include Coca-Cola, HBO, Home Depot, Travel Channel, NASA Space Center, and many more. Wanting his work to not only be seen, but felt, Randy brings technical expertise, a passion for collaboration, and his unique vision, to tell impactful stories with visuals that truly captivate the audience.