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Randy DeLeo, a true artist in the realm of cinematography, hails from the vibrant and culturally-rich city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With a lifelong passion for storytelling, Randy's unique vision and artistic sensibility bring a distinctive and captivating style to his work as an award-winning Director of Photography.

With over two decades of production experience, Randy's skill set extends beyond simply capturing images on camera. His creative process begins during pre-production, where he collaborates extensively with directors, producers, and agencies to ensure that every detail is considered and that the finished product will be a powerful and compelling visual story tailored to each client's unique purpose.

From local commercials to documentaries and high-profile productions for industry giants such as Coca-Cola, HBO, and NASA's Space Center, Randy's portfolio showcases his ability to create dynamic and visually-striking work, regardless of the project's scale or budget. His passion for collaboration, technical expertise, and artistic flair are evident in every frame, as he strives to tell impactful stories that truly resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Above all, Randy's dedication to his craft as a true artist is what sets him apart as a cinematographer. His commitment to creating work that not only captures the attention but also touches the heart and soul of the viewer is a testament to his passion for his art and his unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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