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  • H&E :30 Commercial "True Grit"

    Produced by River Road Creative Directed by Richie Adams DP by Randy DeLeo

  • Trained Assassins Trailer

    Produced by River Road Creative : Directed by Richie Adams. Cinematographer - Randy DeLeo

  • The Cove

    Produced by Sydnie Torres and Fire on the Bayou Directed by Jason Villemarette Cinematographer-Randy DeLeo

  • Doctor's Imaging

    Produced by Velocity Agency , Directed by Robert Berning III and DP'ed by Randy DeLeo

  • Lenny Kravitz's SDT Spot

    Produced by Fire on the Bayou. Directed by Jason Villemarette. Cinematography by Randy DeLeo

  • Wise Foods TV Commercial

    This is a commercial I Dp'ed produced by Soup Factory Digital in NOLA for Wise Foods.


    Produced by Peter Mayer Advertising Agency Directed by Jason Villemarette DP- Randy DeLeo

  • Progressive Waste

    Produced by Fire on the Bayou Director: Jason Villemarette DP: Randy DeLeo

  • Mercedes-Benz of Mobile

    Meet Valerie Larson, our favorite Mercedes-Benz of Mobile Mom!

  • Doctors Imaging :30

    Produced by Velocity-Agency, Direted by Robert Berning III

  • Diamond C Audio

    Episode Teaser.